About Meerschaulm Pipes

Meerschaum Pipes are the aristocracy of tobacco smoking pipes. Meerschaum has been used for the construction of pipe tobaccos dating back to the 1700s. During the 1800s, exquisite meerschaum pipes were produced in many European countries, including Vienna, Germany and Switzerland.

What Other Products Are Made From Meerschaum?

You'll find that meerschaum is used in a number of decorative products. Many of these are tobacco smoking related, others are not. Below you'll find links to other items that are crafted out of Meerschaum:

Meerschaum Cigar Holders - Terribly practical and and oh so affordable. Makes it a snap to not only smoke your favorite stogie all the way to the end, but also to free up your hands while smoking without destroying your cigar by chewing on it.

Meerschaum Pipe Rests - You don't have to give up your briars to enjoy the look of fine Turkish Meerschaum.

Meerschaum Table Lighters - Table lighters are less likely to disappear and these finely-carved lighters are worth their weight in gold.

Meerschaum Cigarette Holders - Nothing is more elegant than a beautifully hand-carved cigarette holder when you are stepping out for the evening.

Meerschaum Ashtrays - Complete the look with a floral ashtray made in Turkey by skilled artists.

Meerschaum Decorative Eggs - Whether smooth or carved, these make fantastic decorative accents around your home, just like designers do when decorating model homes

Meerschaum Decorative Boxes - Got some special little treasures you need to put away safe and sound but still want to keep them in site? Then this gorgeous hand-carve meerschaum box is just the thing.